Fil a Fil evolved in consecrating its universe entirely dedicated to the shirt, the blouse and their accessories.

Whith the creation of its first store in Paris in 1980, Fil a Fil soon expanded its operations in several countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, the U.S.A and Singapour. Its network now consists of more than twenty locations worldwide.

The originality of the concept remains the key to its success, to offer a collection of shirts and blouses made in the purest tradition, using principally Italian fabric of the highest quality and natural fibers, like cotton, silk and linen.


Their know-how can be appreciated in the finishing touches the painstaking attention to detail and the masterful cut. The guarantee of continuing quality and the exacting attention demanded in all details bestows a consistency to the Fil a Fil collections, that presents an urban style at the same time combining the classic and the fantasy, but always elegant.

Throughout the years, the Fil a Fil collections have expanded to include sweaters, cuff links, scarves...but the crowing star in its accessory line is undoubtedly the line of silk ties conceived in perfect harmony whith the shirt collections.